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2015 SAM Key Contributing Partner Award

Thu, 07/02/2015 - 15:19

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ASIST's Filip Lauwereys receives the 2015 SAM Key Contributing Partner Award

In a personal message today, Microsoft® WW SAM Partner Channel Manager Mike Kennedy granted the 2015 SAM Key Contributing Partner award to Filip Lauwereys, Senior SAM Consultant at ASIST.

The award is granted annually to "one individual within the SAM partner community whose effort and innovative solutions are dramatically improving the challenges faced by our shared customers" says Mr. Kennedy.

His message further states that this award "is a great reflection of the hard work that Filip put in during the year: his contribution to building the SAM Partner network through the WW SAM Training group, his professionalism and commitment to answering SAM partner questions from around the world, sharing his knowledge and expertise in the development of the WorkSpace and continued support via UAT and development meetings."

Filip would like to stress that this was not the work of one person, but of ASIST's entire SAM team.

The WW SAM Training group is a private, global social collaboration network for SAM partners.

The WorkSpace is a web application and analysis program designed to help Microsoft® partners increase the efficiency of the software asset management process, and help drive consistency across SAM engagements. Read more.

Filip is at the foundation of both tools.

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