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Computerworld/IBM Executive Forum

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 00:07

Redefining Digital Business Through Integration of Cloud, Mobile and Analytics

While operational excellence is still a focus, IT investment is shifting to value creation, service excellence and better client experience required in this digital era. Digital business fuels enterprise growth, and is vital for engaging clients and new prospects in better ways - empowering them through data and information, personalization and 24x7 access. Digital platforms are the foundation for any business transformation.

Through several keynote speakers and a panel discussion we will set the stage for a day all about digital transformation. We will give you insights in market trends, market dynamics and help you with the challenges you face in taking your company to the next step of becoming a full force digital business. What are the challenges for your IT organization when it comes to business transformation and how to tackle them?

New technology, innovations and solutions will be introduced that will provide exciting opportunities and possibilities for growth and progress. Get ahead of your competitor and don't miss this unique Executive Forum.

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